Digital platform for interaction of all parts of the PRO-AV /IT market. Integrated general system instead of vast amount of sites. PRO-AV directory. Equipment search. Interactive calendar. Direct search for distributor, integrator.

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Your benefits

For purchases

Save time searching distributor or integrator. The biggest database with all proAV equipment on the market. Everything you need to make the only choice that saves your time and money.

ProAV events

For engineers, distributors, integrators and others to learn benefits and features of newest proAV equipment on the market.

ProAV directory

Are you a manufacture, distributor, integrator - all you need: is just add your company for free to get listed in the biggest proAV directory not only for professionals, but also for end-users.

When proAV comes handy

With our mobile App you can post your news or upload events anywhere. Stay in touch with your partners and be available for your purchases.

Increase your sales

Place your product in the proAV market to deliver the message to purchasers, but not readers. All you need - is to collect orders.

Marketing & promotion

Share you product news, case studies, events with proAV market in 2 clicks. The easiest way to deliver your message tou your clients. The most comprehancive promotion system on the market right now. Youre content never lost in a feed.


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Москва, Россия

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