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From technology consulting to proposal creation and management, AVAD creates centrally controlled solution for Los Angeles Lakers new facility


Scottsdale, AZ. — September ##, 2017 — The Los Angeles Lakers, recognized as one of the most successful teams in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA), began planning their recently-unveiled 120,000 square-foot training facility, the UCLA Health Training Center, nearly two years ago. The goal was to create a logical, clean and simple-to-use audio and video solution. The Lakers were referred by a longtime service provider to the Lakers, Robert Nishida of HDDS, to work with AVAD, a leading distributor of premium solutions, to create a centrally controlled solution with each system integrated with one another. Working with a unique client that was very interested in the technology going in and spent a lot of time doing their own research, AVAD completed a needs analysis with key stakeholders, including ownership, IT, marketing and coaching, to plan and to propose an all-encompassed solution to meet the current requirements as well as future goals. Throughout the project’s lifespan, from the identification of the initial needs analysis and consulting to the final proposal creation and management, AVAD worked closely with the Lakers to complete the breathtaking new practice facility, which debuted in Summer 2017.

AVAD, having access to the industry’s leading audio and video brands, invited their most recognized and reliable vendors to meet with the Lakers, to provide demonstrations of features, explain benefits and offer recommendations on a strategic approach. Once an overall direction was determined, AVAD worked closely with the Lakers to engineer systems for each space in the facility, including training rooms, hospitality suites, conference and huddle rooms, a film room, an indoor-outdoor lounge and offices for Lakers and South Bay Lakers coaching, scouting and administrative staff.

Throughout the coordination of drawings and project management support, AVAD ensured the Lakers needs were met. “From our initial introduction to the Lakers in January 2016 to the completion of the project in August 2017, we worked with the Lakers to perform a needs analysis, technology consulting, systems engineering and documentation, project coordination and management, proposal creation and management and, lastly, production specification,” said Phillip Parrish, Director of Professional AV for AVAD LLC. “We evaluated their requirements, expectations for technology and future goals to design a complete system for the 120,000-square foot facility, while providing the proper products and technology for the various spaces within the facility.”

In partnership with the Lakers, AVAD provided specification documents to allow the Lakers to interview integrators for the installation. After thorough evaluation, the Lakers selected Black Tiger, a Los Angeles based integration company with previous experience with the organization. “We were thrilled to work with Black Tiger, a customer of ours since 2009. They shared our commitment to providing a quality system and project for the Lakers and were a pleasure to collaborate with,” shared Parrish.

As a valued AVAD dealer, Black Tiger partnered with AVAD for their largest project to date. “We were pleased to be selected by such a recognized and accomplished team, such as the Los Angeles Lakers, and we always appreciate the opportunity to work with AVAD,” said Stacy Cook, TITLE for Black Tiger. We’ve been an AVAD dealer for over ten years and, often, we choose AVAD over many other distributors because of their commitment to the industry through competitive dealer pricing, product availability and quality brands, which are becoming more and more scarce. AVAD provides their dealers with superior customer service and support, which we greatly experienced throughout this installation, and we feel that they’re a part of our company because of their investment in us, as well as in other dealers. While we don’t work exclusively with AVAD, we worked solely with AVAD on this project to meet the Lakers goals.”

It was imperative for Black Tiger and AVAD to work together seamlessly, as the Lakers had a short deadline for the completion of their new training facility. “Being based in Orange County, we have built a relationship with Jeff Rosza, Account Manager for AVAD Van Nuys, and he has worked tirelessly to provide us with unparalleled customer service,” said Cook. “Jeff was proactive in ensuring that we received each of our products in a timely manner. Phillip’s team created an intricately detailed system in AutoCAD, which provided us with the information we needed to efficiently complete the installation. Both Phillip and Jeff were always available at our disposal to answer any questions, ensure we had the products we needed and fulfill any requests. Although this project was three times larger than any of the projects we’ve completed and the most time-pressured installation schedule we’ve worked with, AVAD worked with as an extension of our team.”

Members of the AVAD team were on site several times over the course of the project, and also worked closely with some of the key manufacturers whose equipment was going into this project.

AVAD has created a personalized freight program to assure products arrive on time to their designated location, which further allowed Black Tiger to expedite their installation turnaround. “AVAD’s shipping policy was most-useful for us during this project because we were at a race against the clock,” said Cook. “AVAD invested their time and effort into ensuring we received our products on time. For us, their shipping and return policy was the most beneficial aspect during the project because of the vast number of products that were specified but, due to buildout changes, were not needed at the time of the installation. If we ever had any issues, whether it was with shipping or anything else, AVAD’s responses were quick and informative, unlike most of the other vendors we work with.”

Unique to the custom installation industry, AVAD’s end-to-end solutions, from the initial design and planning process to the final product delivery, played a significant role in the Lakers UCLA Health Training Center. By incorporating value-added services, such as System Design Group, Tech Support and AVAD University, AVAD provides dealers like Black Tiger with the tools necessary to complete innovative, ground-breaking projects of any size. AVAD’s approach to sales, including the expansion of digital web and mobile tools, central and regional call centers, design and technical services, a regional market-based sales force, will-call locations and a continued use of physical locations in many markets, is the reason many dealers, organizations and technical directors alike choose AVAD as their hub for industry-leading technology.

#AVAD played an integral role in the UCLA Health Training Center, with key members remaining hands-on during the entire project to ensure the Lakers needs were met. “Throughout the last two years, we’ve worked closely with the Lakers, meanwhile we’ve also expanded our line of services, vendor partners and internal personnel to continue to meet market demands,” said Parrish. “We’re invested in our customers, whether they’re recognized brands, such as the Lakers, or dealers, such as Black Tiger, and we’ve committed to providing unparalleled customer experience with our award-winning services. Our goal is to create innovative, one-of-a-kind experiences for end-users and we’re pleased to see the excitement from professional players, coaches and staff that have had the opportunity to take advantage of the new facility, the UCLA Health Training Center.”



With locations throughout North America, AVAD is one of the most recognized brands in the fast-growing system integration market and offers a comprehensive line of premium solutions for video, audio, networking, HVAC, lighting control, security, home automation, digital signage, system design and other products needed by professional installers. Further differentiating its services, AVAD invests in the business tools, technical support and services integrators need to grow their businesses, including the fully transactional AVAD Mobile smartphone application providing integrators on-the-go access to AVAD products and value-added tools.

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