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At Vutec Booth - The lights are on above the booth, the projector used is a Ben-Q  10,000 lumens projector.  On the Left are ALR samples against the SilverStar Screen, to demonstrate the difference between the actual color and brightness of the image on leading competitors surfaces. 

Draper - ALR screen enclosed in their booth, shaded from above booth lights.   Minimal lighting used.
Stewart's Booth with ALR screens - Powerful projectors and the booth was covered and minimal lighting used.
Screen Innovations booth with ALR screens - Large powerful projectors and the lights above the booth are out. 
Draper, Screen Innovations and Stewart all demonstrated their ALR screens with light blocking covers and/or blacked out house lights.

Da-Lite and DNP were the only companies with ALR screens with the lights on.

Lights on or lights off the SilverStar Panoflexx performs!   Vutec has been manufacturing high gain, high performance video projection screens for 41 years. 



See the SilverStar at the Vutec Booth #C3043

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