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Июнь 9, 2018 от

WireCAD CEO, Christian Holbrook, is launching a new system documentation tool called Simple Wires at
the InfoComm 2018 trade show in Las Vegas, on Wednesday, June 6 in booth C4220.
Simple Wires will be used completely online and is composed of the most essential tools to create facility documentation
PDFs. The program is not associated with WireCAD and was not designed to work in accordance with any CAD software.
“Over the years we have seen a move away from CAD for systems design,” Holbrook said. “We decided to take all of our
learning and apply it to the new technologies to create a cloud-based design tool with just the essentials. The WireCAD
ideas are there; draw and get data. We have just lighted up the process and distilled it down to its essence.”
Simple Wires will feature four separate purchase plans, which range from limited project and drawing capabilities in the
“archive” plan, to project collaboration and live drawing collaboration in the “team” plan.
“We wanted the product to reach areas of the market that WireCAD can’t,” Holbrook said. “Not every facility, house of
worship, or small integrator can afford the WireCAD price tag. We looked at the market and tried to create a pricing
structure that works for the guy that is taking care of everything to teams of designers in different locations. There is a plan
for everyone.”
A news conference for Simple Wires will be held Thursday, June 7, at 3:15 p.m., at the WireCAD booth space, C4220, and
Christian Holbrook will be available for comments, questions and demonstration.
Please contact WireCAD communication director Mackenzie Holbrook through email at marketing@wirecad.com, for
more information about Simple Wires and the launch.
Established in 2000, WireCAD has been providing tools to broadcast networks, radio and TV stations, post-production,
A/V for worship, System Integrators, Command and Control (C2), municipalities and airports. Clients include: NASA,
USAF, US Navy, NBC, ABC, CBS and Olympic Broadcasting Services.

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