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Июнь 9, 2018 от

CODA Audio USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CODA Audio GmbH, recently confirmed new partnerships with highly regarded rep firms, to cover extensive territories in the US. In the demo suite of the Las Vegas Convention Center at InfoComm on Tuesday, the company hosted its inaugural rep meeting. Top sales agencies from across the US came together for an exclusive demo of the CODA Audio portfolio. CODA Audio USA has strengthened its sales force over recent months with the appointment of Jeff Taylor as Sales Director and then of two industry-leading rep companies. Donn Nelson, President at Pro Media REP is representing CODA Audio USA in a 9-state area of the Midwest whilst Quest Marketing, led by John Saviano, is taking care of 8 Southeast states. Donn and John, who came on board with CODA at the beginning of the year, are highly respected and vastly experienced audio experts, familiar throughout the industry in the US and both head up organizations whose line cards feature many market leading brands. The services of two equally distinguished rep firms, with highly experienced leadership, was confirmed this week at InfoComm. Mac West, fronted by Steve McNeil, will look after Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii, whilst Cowser Marketing, led by Jim Cowser, will be responsible for Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Southern Arkansas. -

Luke Jenks, Managing Director of CODA Audio USA comments:

“As a relative newcomer, it’s essential in a territory on the scale of the U.S. that we ensure from the off that we are fully and effectively represented across the board. Partnering with four such excellent rep firms is a perfect win-win situation in their respective areas, where they have the know-how, resources and experience to place CODA Audio USA at the forefront of the market. Each is led by trusted, highly respected audio experts with a combined track record of success that speaks volumes. We’re really pleased to working with such proven operators.”

Donn Nelson of Pro Media REP commented:

“I believe that in CODA Audio products, we’re seeing the introduction to the US market of something exceptional and groundbreaking. We look forward to helping CODA establish itself as a leading brand throughout our territory. It most definitely has the potential to be a highly successful brand.”

John Saviano of Quest Marketing added:

"I’ve been intrigued about CODA Audio for quite some time. Many people I respect had told me that CODA was the company to watch, that they had very unique technology. So when some noted industry professionals joined CODA, and the opportunity arose for us, we had to get involved. Quest’s approach is to represent cool products with a real story to tell, and CODA falls right into that philosophy.”

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