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Belgium – Light Moves was a stunning indoor ‘son et lumière’ (sound and light) installation designed and produced by Koert Vermeulen, an award-winning lighting designer and founder of Belgium-based international lighting design agency ACTLD. Appearing for one night only in the Gothic remains of an abandoned church in the centre of Brussels, Belgium, the installation featured the #Claypaky Sharbar as star product, amongst a range of other fixtures from the leading Italian brand.

Originating in France, son et lumière shows focus on historic architecture and places of interest, with light shows set to music. For Light Moves, Vermeulen brought the outside in, drawing from his knowledge of the relationship between light and human emotion to create an intimate, ten-minute show for his guests.

“I know the kinds of sensation you can bring using light,” says Vermeulen, who has designed many son et lumière shows throughout his career. “I used light as an implicit storytelling tool. I wanted to evoke senses and moods that facilitated the audience’s connection to their own emotions. That can be beautifully done with just lighting and sound, there is no need to use explicit storytelling means such as projection or #LED video content.”

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