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Lititz, PA-July 2018...  The rumor is false that when prehistoric fish first crawled onto land, Clair Global was there to provide the sound system and technical expertise. It only seems like the legendary production company has been providing tour, festival, broadcast, and corporate event support for 400 million years. But should a fish attempt such a feat today, Clair Global may well be present to record the sound of the event with a #TASCAM  DA-6400 64-track digital recorder and archive the stereo mix with a TASCAM SS-CDR250N CD player.

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"Nowadays multitrack recording is a big deal for concert tours," observes Clair Global Senior Director-Systems Development Harry Witz. "Some people bring out full DAW rigs, but that's a lot of space and weight. Some record to a laptop. But I prefer dedicated hardware, and using the TASCAM DA-6400 is simple, convenient, and reliable. It's 1U rack-mount, and you're setting up your rack and your console at a gig anyway. It's available with Dante or MADI cards; I use a lot of DiGiCo products, so I got a MADI card. Hooking it up is dead easy: Connect two coaxial cables into the input rack of a DiGiCo, and it's up and running."

You have to adjust a few settings on the front panel to get it to talk to the console, Witz acknowledges. "But once you know what to do, it's pretty simple. Then you just hit Record. That's it; you don't have to deal with anything else until you're done. You don't have to get out cables and your converter, find a place to set your computer so you can see the screen, make sure you have power, and boot up the computer."

Once up and running, Witz notes, "it automatically tracks the inputs from the MADI rack. You can set up the little metering section on the front so that it's easy to see that you have input on everything. You can even see that you have live mics without looking at the board. It has a caddy with a hot swappable SSD drive, so if you fill a drive, you swap it out and keep going." When finished recording, Witz connects the DA-6400's USB 3 port to a laptop and downloads the files. "It's quick," he asserts. "A two-hour show downloads in just a few minutes."

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