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Professional development and training programmes are a vital facet of Integrated Systems Europe 2018.

Central to  this are the comprehensive range of conferences, presentations, workshops, masterclasses and training sessions produced by ISE's co-owners AVIXA and CEDIA .

These internationally recognised trade associations have curated their largest European programme so far for this year’s exhibition.  The content is both suitable for experienced professionals and new entrants into the marketplace.

The ISE 2018 Professional Development Guide will outline how you and your company can benefit from what’s on offer from AVIXA and CEDIA.

Tickets for sessions can be purchased from the brand new Ticket Shop on the ISE website.

Материал для скачивания https://content5-tc.ternairsoftware.com/viewer?tid=TIDP87645XF225FDEE1A9A497C9041731B0FE5C382YI5 

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