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Установленный компанией Лайфинтерактив экран 2х22 - 22 метра в длину, состоял из 44-х видеопанелей и отображал статистику в режиме онлайн из 46 субъектов. Суммарное разрешение видеостены составило 42240х2160 пикселей. Подробнее на lifeinteractive

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Еще одним кейсом в рамках оснащения Единого дня голосования субъектов Российской Федерации стала установка экрана 4*8 м в ЦИК РФ. Суммарное разрешение видеостены составило 15360х4320 пикселей. Установка состоит из 32-х видеопанелей и 32 мощных ПК, которые обеспечили онлайн трансляцию из 14 тысяч избирательных участков по всей территории РФ... Подробнее на lifeinteractive

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A large complement of Claypaky lighting fixtures hit the road with Mexican pop rock band Maná when the multi-Grammy Award winners launched their North American Rayando el Sol Tour in September. The tour is named for the band’s first hit single. Maná was founded in Mexico in 1986 and has become one of the most successful rock bands in Latin music history. It has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide and won four Grammys and eight Latin Grammys. The Rayando el Sol Tour kicked off in September in Corpus Christi, Texas and wrapped in Los Angeles in December playing more than 30 dates. Their seven-show LA appearance at The Forum broke the six-night record of Kanye West and The Eagles since the venue opened. Rayando el Sol covered the musical trajectory of Maná and featured themes emblematic of the band’s history and evolution. Menga Cruz, Lighting Designer and Lighting and Video Programmer for Maná, chose 122 Claypaky Mythos2, 24 Sharpy Wash and 22 Scenius Unico fixtures for the show’s rig, which he obtained from 4Wall. “I have been working with Mythos since 2015; I think I was the first person to take Mythos on tour,” says Cruz. “I know Mythos so well now, I know all of its capabilities even ultra-fast movement. Mythos is part of my creative process – when I am drawing and imagining the cues for each song I know exactly which gobo I want to use and which effect I want to apply.”... Read more claypaky #Claypaky

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We were asked by Telekom to develop an augmented reality application that showcases the benefits of smart technologies applied to an entire town. To do this, we have combined AR technology with the physical mock-up of a city. Using HoloLens headsets and tablets, visitors were able to view a virtual town mapped on the city mock-up. In different parts of the town, users could also watch small animations that depicted several Smart City concepts: Smart Lighting System, Smart Parking System, Smart Traffic System, Smart Urban Furniture... Read more inowize

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The iconic TV and Radio channel Canal Surcelebrated its 30th anniversary during the past 28thof February. Over thirty artist and celebrities born in Andalucía participated in the ceremony where music was the protagonist. A special occasion to commemorate the first channel’s broadcast back in 1989, where several personalities of the Spanish stardom such as Julio Iglesias, Rocío Jurado and Camarón, took part of the celebration. This gala also has the aim of pointing out the social labour of the broadcast enterprise and its compromise with Andalucía in terms of social development. CSRTV assure sharing only content under equality, integration, culture promotion and environmental awareness criteria, as well as accessible content by including subtitles and sign language translation in all its audiovisual contents. For this special event, the selected location was the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Sevilla FIBES, where the 33er edition of the Premios Goya took place recently. The company in charge of the audiovisual supply was Algo Suena, with over 25 years of experience in the lighting industry, working only with the top brands in the market... Read more claypaky #claypaky

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The ever-dazzling International Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese, returned to Australia with her most lavish touring show ever, “Glamonatrix.” It was the first outing for Phaseshift Productions’ Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures, which are capable of being both a perfect beam light and a perfect spotlight. Dita’s Production Manager and Lighting Designer, Alex Goldberg, was thrilled to have the new fixtures at the beginning of her world tour. In “Glamonatrix” fans were treated to a full evening of comedy and sophisticated striptease that celebrated diverse beauty. Far from being a typical burlesque show, “Glamonatrix” elevates and modernizes the classic 1940’s variety show with both male and female forms glorified in a body-positive way that inspires and uplifts. “This is the type of show that provides a lighting designer with the opportunity to be an active element in the presentation itself,” says Goldberg. “Often, when you have one performer on stage the lighting becomes an essential part of the show that interacts with the dancers’ performances, keeps everyone looking glamorous, and transforms the entire atmosphere to create beautiful moments. It’s important for me to help the audience focus clearly on the performer while sculpting a beautiful stage picture.” Nine Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures helped Goldberg sculpt the stage and create a stunning environment, which impressed the lighting designer. Sharpy Plus is a full-fledged hybrid light, with two independent operating modes, that weighs only 23 Kg. In Beam mode, its aerial effects stand out thanks to the unit’s extraordinary light output. In Spot mode, its light is diffused more evenly allowing the projection of wonderfully uniform visual effects. “Considering their form factor, their output is really remarkable,” Goldberg says. “I think the gobo selection has been really well manicured and provides a variety of opportunities for lighting designers, whether they’re focused on air-light or a more conventional theatrical production. There are plenty of options for a variety of situations.” Goldberg calls the two-prism selection “really cool – who doesn’t love to have more tools to play with?” He adds that, “the fact that you can combine them allows you to create some spectacular effects, not only as air-light but also projected onto a surface.” He utilized that option when Dita performed her iconic martini glass routine, where he combined the animation wheel with the prism to create an incredible rainfall effect... Read more claypaky #claypaky

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86 лет Мурманский областной театр кукол ждал свой дом и наконец-то обрел его. Вчера коллектив театра отметил новоселье. Теперь артисты, администрация, реквизит и мастерские разместились в одном здании на проспекте Ленина 27, в бывшем Доме офицеров. Площадь нового здания театра составляет 3,5 тысячи кв. метров. В нем: два зрительных зала на 300 и 80 мест, которые могут работать автономно, сцена с колосниками, два гардероба, детское кафе, музей и вдвое больше гримерок. Весь театр оформлен в ярких цветах, что одинаково радует как артистов, так и маленьких зрителей. Претерпел изменения и внешний облик здания.: появилась постройка из красного кирпича с башенкой и часами. Здание театра кукол стало привлекательным объектом архитектуры. Компания «ДОКА Центр» совместно с «ДОКА Санкт-Петербург» принимали участие в реконструкции театра, спроектировали технологические системы и поставили современное оборудование. Верхняя механика сцены в составе: • 9 штанкетных подъемов; • 1 штанкетный подъём для изменения визуального размера сцены (декорационный подъем); • дорога антрактно - раздвижного занавеса; • 3 софитных подъёма; • 2 выносных софитных подъёма; • портальная передвижная башня; • осветительные боковые рамы сцены; • осветительная фронтальная рама; • система управления верхней механикой сцены и силовые шкафы. Световое оборудование сцены: • прибор полного вращения DP SPOT LED 200 CMY – 16 шт.; • прибор полного вращения IW30-15 ZOOM – 15шт.; • прожектор светодиодный ультрофиолетовый UV LEDPAR 64 - 6 шт.; • стробоскоп Strobe 3000 – 4 шт.; • ассиметричный светодиодный светильник DT FLOOD 36X3 RGBA – 8 шт.; • светодиодный профильный прожектор DT PROFILE 200 W ZOOM 15°-28 °- 18 шт.; • светодиодный профильный прожектор DT PROFILE 180 RGBW – 22 шт.; • светодиодный прожектор заливающего света LED BAR 24-15 – 6 шт.; • светодиодный профильный прожектор DT PROFILE 200 W ZOOM 20°-45° - 16 шт.; • светодиодный профильный прожектор DT FRESNEL 200 W ZOOM 15°-55° - 2 шт.; • прожектор следящего света PHARUS 1500 – 2 шт.; • DIA Lighting прожектор LED Par 24-10 – 16 шт.; • пульт управления светом Ion Xe 20 от ETC – 3 шт.; • фейдерное крыло для пультов управления светом Eos от ETC – 2 шт.;    Профессиональное оборудование для спецэффектов: • генератор тумана LOOK SOLUTIONS Unique 2.1 – 3 шт.; • генератор дыма ViperS – 3 шт.; • генератор снега ANTARI S-100X – 5 шт.; • генератор мыльных пузырей ANTARI W-101 – 7 шт.   В состав системы видеопроекции и звукоусиления вошли: • оборудование системы управления и маршрутизации Allen&Heath; • система звукоусиления сцены и зала на оборудовании L-Acoustics;  • многоканальная радиосистема Sennheiser;  • пульт помощника режиссера, система режиссерской связи и система трансляции на оборудовании ТТС, RTS, RCF; • система видеопоказа на оборудовании Christie, Kramer, Tuchler.   Все это: лучшие материалы, уникальный дизайн и новейшее профессиональное оборудование - позволит театру соответствовать современным требованиям и тенденциям! doka

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Warsaw’s PGE Narodowy Stadium scored a first in its history when it sold out a concert of Polish artists to an enthusiastic audience nearly of 60,000 fans. Co-headliners hip-hop artist Taco Hemingwayand pop artist Dawid Podsiadlo are recognized as a new wave of talented Polish performers so Pawel “Spider” Pajak gave them the star treatment with a complement of Claypaky fixtures lighting their acts. “Thiswas very a special gig for the music industry in Poland; I would say it was a kind of game changer for Polish artists and the music market here,” says Pajak, who is founder of creative collaboration platform, Percepto [LAB]. He acted as Lighting Designer, Production Designer and Creative Visual Director for the show and is a long-time collaborator of Podsiadlo’s. “The overall design of the show was based on a huge LED canvas with a total width of about 60 meters,” he explains. “The huge LED wall consisted of five surfaces joined together at different angles as one screen. One of the key lighting design elements was a frame made of LED lights all around to emphasize the shape of the stage. There were also eight separate truss block elements joined at angles and hung on Kinesys motors to get variations of truss positions above the stage. Four of them were dedicated to lighting only and four to lighting and LED screens.”... Read more claypaky #Claypaky

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Virtual Reality allows for more than just a product presentation, it can take people inside the showcased concept. Nestle wanted to prove that Nan Optipro is a viable nutrition choice for babies and to demonstrate how it works on a cellular level. To this purpose we developed a VR application that takes people on a trip inside the human body... Read more inowize

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There's a smart city scenario in Huawei Abu Dhabi Innovation Center, which is supported by Unilumin’s UHWII LED video wall, with an area of 13.37sqm. With this tailored large video wall, everyone here could experience how smart city uses insights gained from the data, which is collected by different types of electronic Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, to manage assets, resources, and services efficiently, optimizing the efficiency of city operations and services... Read more unilumin #unilumin #IoT #smartcity #умныйгород